All Inclusive Package

You can concentrate on writing your next bestseller and we take over the marketing for you!

Our services in a complete package

We offer our authors a variety of marketing tools. With such a large number, it can sometimes become confusing to create your marketing campaigns.

Our team has now developed a complete solution where we do the work for you. We have combined our best tools and you can now promote your ebook with just one click. Our team will manage your campaigns for you, plan the data and use it effectively to give you the best possible results.

The package includes our standard tools as well as additional services that we do not offer for sale.

The complete package at a glance

Newsletter Promotion

Includes 2 normal deals in the newsletter and 2 new release newsletter promotions. With 1 guaranteed Top position in each newsletter.

Banner Package

We place your banner in the newsletter and on our website. We also promote your ebook with the help of an individual web push.

Socialmedia Promotion

Your ebook will be promoted on our social media platforms.

Complete package: 199 EUR (Taxes included)

The complete package in detail

2x newsletter deal promotions (+ 1st place position)

The package includes 2 Deal Newsletter promotions. We will place your ebook in one of the two promotions guaranteed to be number 1 in the newsletter.

Position 1 in the newsletter will not be sold otherwise, nor guaranteed in your normal deal booking.

2x promotions new release newsletter (+ place 1 position)

With the package you receive 2 new release promotions. In one of the two newsletters you are guaranteed the top position.

Our weekly newsletter presents a selection of new publications submitted by our partners. Due to the large reach of book deals, very successful launch campaigns can be started.

Banner Package (+Website Push)

You will receive a newsletter and a website banner.

  • We create the banners for you and then place them on our website and in our newsletter.
  • In addition, we advertise your book with a website push, where our users receive a notification in their browser. This will be specifically pointed out to your ebook

Social Media Marketing

To increase the visibility of your campaign, we promote your eBook through our social media channels.

  • We create a social media banner with your book and your tag line as eyecatcher.
  • Afterwards, we post the banner on our social media channels, which now have over 13,000 fans
  • The contributions are additionally pushed via Facebook Ads.

Ask for the All Inclusive package now

With the all-rounder package from us, our team saves you a lot of time. While you write your next bestseller, we take care of your next marketing campaign.